18 months- 3 years

Toddlers are bubbling with curiosity and energy, feeding their love for learning. Our toddler program is designed to provide opportunities for children to explore their new abilities while getting to know themselves and the world around them. Communication and social-emotional skills are the foundations for building self-esteem.

Daily Activities
Toddlers need routine and predictability throughout their day. It is within these daily routines that many natural opportunities for learning take place. Our teachers recognize these moments and facilitate the learning process. Our day involves small and large group activities. Children have the opportunity to participate in creative arts, pretend play, discovery and exploration, gross and fine motor activities, music and movement, as well as daily social interaction with other children and teachers.

Curriculum and Assessment
Toddlers are active, independent learners, fully engaged with their environment.  They are learning to manage their emotions, negotiate peer interactions, and communicate more competently in order to get their needs met.  Children in this classroom are provided with a variety of learning opportunities that recognize these unique challenges and support each child’s individual development in each learning area.  Please see our Curriculum section for more detailed information.

Toddlers are assessed twice yearly, in October and March.  These assessments give us important information regarding each child’s strengths and potential areas of focus for lesson planning.  They also allow us to catch possible developmental delays early, when intervention is most helpful.  Parent-Teacher conferences give us the opportunity to update parents on their child’s progress, and give parents the chance to ask questions or share concerns regarding their child’s development.