6 weeks- 18 months

We strive to provide a home away from home. The basis of our infant curriculum is the relationship the caregiver establishes with each child and family. While no one replaces Mom or Dad, our caregivers are truly dedicated to each and every infant, providing a safe, nurturing environment. Infants in our program feel secure to explore their surroundings, while gaining self-confidence as they grow.

Daily Schedules

For young infants, we provided individualized eating, sleeping, and playing patterns. As infants get older, we adjust to their need for a more routine schedule. We encourage nursing moms to stop in to breastfeed if your schedule allows.


Children in our younger classrooms have daily opportunities to explore materials in ways that are meaningful to them.  While there are some large group infant activities in which most of the class participates, much of the day is spent in independent exploration and parallel play.  Teachers manipulate the environment by selecting particular toys and materials that will support the development of targeted skills, and allow the children to access and investigate these materials in their own way, with some adult support if necessary.


Developmental assessments are conducted twice per year, in October and March.  These assessments give us important information regarding each child’s strengths and potential areas of focus for lesson planning.  They also allow us to catch possible developmental delays early, when intervention is most helpful.  Parent-Teacher conferences give us the opportunity to update parents on their child’s progress, and give parents the chance to ask questions or share concerns regarding their child’s development.