We believe that young children learn best through purposeful play in an environment structured to the abilities, interests, and development of young children. Play is a child’s means of discovery, communication, and expression. Our programs support this idea through curricula that provide a variety of learning opportunities in each of the developmental areas: cognitive, social and emotional, physical growth and language development.

We provide positive guidance and encourage children to understand themselves and the world around them. Our staff consists of truly dedicated professionals who will not only give children a safe environment but also the love and devotion of an extended family. The growth of children is our number one priority.

Parent Communication

Parents are their children’s first teachers, and we encourage families to be part of their children’s every day experience with us. Our open-door policy allows parents to visit with their child during the day, whether to participate in a special event or just to enjoy some special time together. Each classroom maintains a class email address, through which parents can contact them at any time. Each lead teacher also utilizes a classroom newsletter or password-protected blog to keep parents informed about daily activities and upcoming lessons. Parents can feel free to contact the director or education coordinator at any time. We also offer several social opportunities for families to see their children in action- from Family Day to our Annual Thanksgiving Feast.

Daily communication occurs through the Daily Connect app. This app, available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, allows teachers to input information such as diapers/potty, meals and snacks, and curriculum activities in real time, which parents are then able to access throughout the day. Once your child has been picked up, you will receive a detailed email containing all of your child’s activities for the day, as well as any other important information.